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Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

  • Higher quality tenants. Thorough tenant screening process results in tenants that pay on time, rent longer, and generally cause less problems.
  • Shorter vacancy cycles. Property managers perform critical tasks that affect how long it takes to rent your property, including preparing the property for rent, determining the best rental rate, and marketing your property.
  • Tighter rent collection process. Property managers ensure rent is collected on time, and when it’s not, late fees are paid. If allowed, tenants will walk all over you. Let a property manager be the bad guy, and enforce the rules.
  • Less stress. Avoid chasing down rent, dealing with emergencies, evicting tenants, and piles of paperwork.
  • More freedom. Live and invest wherever you want without needing to be near your property. A good property manager handles all of the day-to-day operations, freeing up your time to work on profit-generating activities or spending time with family and friends.


Bottom line: Avoid the hassle and headache of servicing your own property, and let a professional property management company increase the value of your investment. 

Property Management Services

  • Evaluate and prepare property for rent. Detailed analysis of the property with recommendation for improvements to maximize rent and a good ROI. Provide a market analysis to determine the best rental rate for your property and work out the details, such as pet policy, security deposit, et cetera.
  • Market the property. We will ensure your home is prepared to rent and market the property utilizing outdoor signs and internet advertising channels. We will field all phone calls from prospective tenants and handle all showings.
  • Tenant screening and selection. We will provide prospective tenants with applications that are compliant with fair housing laws and perform background checks to place a tenant in your rental property.
  • Tenant move-in. We will handle all paperwork necessary to place a tenant in your property. We have a thorough tenant placement process to review all lease guidelines and ensure all agreements are properly executed. We will perform a move-in inspection, as well as collect first month’s rent and security deposit.
  • Rent collection. Collect rent and enforce late fees, when necessary. Handle all steps necessary in an eviction.
  • Financial. Provide detailed reports on monthly cash-flow with a detailed breakdown of income and itemized expenses with documentation of receipts and invoices. Maintain all records, including leases, inspection reports, et cetera. Provide annual reports for tax purposes.
  • Maintenance and repairs. Oversee all maintenance and repairs, and hire contractors for the job.
  • Tenant move out. Inspect unit and provide report on condition of property, as well as providing a copy for the tenant. Return the security deposit to the tenant, or hold for repairs. Clean the unit and perform any repairs to put back on the market for rent.